Auctioneer Licence Courses in Qld

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Complete Property Training offers the Auctioneer’s Licence and the Chattels Auction Licence Courses at their Head Office & Training Facility at Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.

Getting a Stock and Station Licence in Queensland

Livestock Auctioneer's
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Stock and station licence

Late in 2014 the requirements for Real Estate Agents, Stock and Station and Pastoral House Agents changed, with the introduction of the Property Occupations Act, which amalgamated many of the Licence categories into one.

Getting an Auctioneer’s Licence in Queensland

Auctioneer's Licence Courses
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How do i get an Auctioneer’s Licence in Queensland?

To get an Auctioneer’s Licence in Qld you must first complete the required study through a Registered Training Organization like Complete Property Training.  There are two types of Auction Licence you can obtain in Queensland, the first and most common is the Real Estate Auctioneer’s Licence.  This Licence allows you to sell anything attached to land, like houses,units,commercial properties ect.