Getting a Stock and Station Licence in Queensland

Livestock Auctioneer's

If you are looking at becoming a Stock and Station Manager you now need to hold a Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence, as the previous Licence types have all been aligned under the single Licence category.

Pastoral House or Stock and Station Auctioneer

Along with the changes in licencing of Agents, this is also the case for Auctioneers. There are now two types of Auctioneer:-

1. Real Estate Auctioneer (meaning you can only Auction Real Estate)
2. Chattels Auctioneer (meaning you can auction livestock, cars and any other commodity other than Real Estate)

Courses for Real Estate and Chattel Auctioneers

Complete Property Training hold several Auctioneer courses that cover both Licence types in the one course, meaning once you have completed the course you will have completed the required units to be either a Chattel Auctioneer, a Real Estate Auctioneer or both, if you so desire.

How long to complete the Auctioneer’s Course?

The course is run over 4 days, with the first 2 days covering the required study units, and the others being hands on with the Auction call itself.  We hold these courses quarterly check our website for dates.

If you already hold a Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence with the  19 units of competency from the current CPP40307 Training Package, you will only need to attend the last two days of the course.
For more information on Real Estate or Auction licencing requirements, contact Complete Property Training on 07 54388 922 or visit us at