Rockhampton Real Estate Courses 2022

Rockhampton Real Estate Courses
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Rockhampton Real Estate Course Dates 2020

Complete Property Training has released its training dates for Real Estate Licence Courses in Rockhampton for 2020. The Real Estate Licence Courses being offer are The Sales Person and Property Managers Registration Certificate and the Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence.

Sunshine Coast Real Estate Courses 2022

Sunshine Coast Real Estate Courses
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Real Estate Licensing Course Sunshine Coast – Dates for 2020

Complete Property Training have announced training dates for Real Estate Courses in 2020 on the Sunshine Coast. The Real Estate Courses offered from our Kawana Waters Training Facility on the Sunshine Coast are the Sales and Property Managers Registration Certificate and the Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence.

Toowoomba Real Estate Courses 2022

Toowoomba Real Estate Courses
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Toowoomba Real Estate Course 2020 Dates 

Complete Property Training training dates for all Real Estate Licence Courses in Toowoomba in 2020. The two Real Estate Courses being offered are the Sales and Property Managers Certificate and the Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence.

Townsville Real Estate Courses 2022

Townsville Real Estate Courses
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Where can I attend a Real Estate Licence course in Townsville?

Complete Property Training deliver the Salesperson and Property Managers Registration Certificate as well as the Full Real Estate Agents Licence Course regularly in Townsville at the Hotel Grand Chancellor located at 334 Flinders Mall Townsville (the previous Holiday Inn)

Cairns Real Estate Courses 2022

Cairns Real Estate Courses
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Where can i complete a Real Estate Course in Cairns?

Complete Property Training hold regular Real Estate Licence Courses at the Cairns Harbour Light Complex near the Marina.

The dates for all of Complete Property Training Real Estate Licencing Courses in Cairns for 2020 have now been confirmed!
The start dates for both the Sales and Property Managers Certificate Course and Full Agents Licence course are as follows:-

Real Estate Courses Gold Coast 2022

Gold Coast Real Estate Courses
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Where can I get my Real Estate Licence on the Gold Coast?

Complete Property Training has released Gold Coast Real Estate course dates for 2020 to be held at our training facility at Southport.

The two major Real Estate Courses delivered on the Gold Coast are the Sales and Property Manager’s Registration Course and the Full Agent’s Licence Course.
What sets Complete Property Training apart from its competition is the fact that most assessment can be completed in class as you go.  Other Training Organisations may have you in class for a few days and then send you off to do the lengthy assessments and assignments in your own time and without the classroom support. Our Courses are also shorter in duration by way of the fact that we have clustered the required units in each Licence type and removed unnecessary duplicated assessment items, making the Real Estate courses a more pleasurable student experience.

Brisbane Real Estate Licence Courses in 2022

Brisbane Real Estate Courses
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Who is the best provider of Real Estate Courses in Brisbane?

Complete Property Training pride themselves on Providing the most streamlined Real Estate Courses in Brisbane.
All assessments are completed in class with the assistance of the best trainers in the business, meaning no big exams at the end.

New Real Estate Award Qld

How will Real Estate Agents in Qld be effected by the new award?

The new Real Estate Award will mean that the average salesperson who earns less that $52,733 Per Annum could be looking for a new career.

Auctioneer Licence Courses in Qld for 2022

Auctioneer's Licence Courses Qld
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Complete Property Training offers both forms of Auctioneer’s Licence Courses in Queensland at their Head Office & Training Facility at Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.

Under the New Property Occupations Act there are now two options for Real Estate Agents, firstly a Real Estate Auctioneers licence or a Chattel Auctioneers Licence or Both.

Upgrading your RLA or Resident Letting Agent’s Licence to a Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence

RLA or Full Agent's Licence?
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What are the Pros and cons?

Let’s start with the cost to get your RLA or Resident Letting Agent’s Licence.  You will have spent around $650.00 to $700.00 to do the licencing course and paid a fee to The Office of Fair Trading of $1330.00 for 1yr or $2494.00 for 3 years.

Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues

Real Estate Scripts & Dialogues
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Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues

When you first enter the Real Estate Industry you tend to struggle with what you are supposed to say and do when confronted with varying problems and objections. So, you need to get a hold of some good scripts and dialogues that will give you the words you need at the right time.

Getting a Stock and Station Licence in Queensland

Livestock Auctioneer's
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Stock and station licence

Late in 2014 the requirements for Real Estate Agents, Stock and Station and Pastoral House Agents changed, with the introduction of the Property Occupations Act, which amalgamated many of the Licence categories into one.

Real Estate Agent Courses in Qld 2022

Real Estate Licence Course in Qld
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What Licence do i need to work in Real Estate in Qld?

Essentially there are two licence types in Real Estate, The certificate and the full Agents Licence.

Real Estate Certificate
A Real estate Registration Certificate allows the holder to be employed as a Salesperson or Property Manager by any Fully Licenced Real Estate Agent or Agency.

Career Opportunities in Real Estate

Career opportunities in Real Estate
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What career opportunites are available in the Real Estate Industry?

The Real Estate Industry is a major employer of people within Australia with over 60,000 people holding some form of Real Estate Licence or Certificate.

Real Estate Contractor (conjunctional agent) v Real Estate Employee

Real Estate Contractor v Real Estate Employee
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Independant Contactor in Real Estate Qld

The Real Estate Industry has been through many changes in recent years on of those being the new Real Estate Award

This is a topic that divides our Industry and causes most of our employment issues; let’s take a look in laymans’ terms at what this term means.

Applying for Mutual Recognition of your Real Estate Licence interstate or in New Zealand

Mutual Recognition
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What is Mutual Recognition in Real Estate?

We get many questions from interstate and overseas students about having thier qualifications recognised here in Australia or having there Queensland Real Estate Licence Recognised in New Zealand. The following information will step you through the process involved.

If you hold a current Real Estate Licence or Certificate in any State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand you will be able to apply for mutual recognition of that Licence or Certificate in another State by simply applying and paying the appropriate fee.