Auctioneer Licence Courses in Qld

Are you ready to step into the world of auctions? Our comprehensive Auctioneer Licence Courses are designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the exciting field of auctioneering. Whether you’re interested in Real Estate or Chattels auctions, we’ve got you covered with our unique dual-license offering.

Real Estate Auctioneer’s Licence Course QLD
Unlock the potential of selling properties through the power of public auctions with our Real Estate Auctioneer’s Licence Course. This licence is the most widely recognized and sought-after qualification for auctioneers in Queensland. Gain the authority to conduct auctions for houses, units, land, and various forms of real estate. Our course comprises nine units of study, followed by 2 days of immersive hands-on experience in Auction Calling. Our dedicated instructors will provide you with a comprehensive framework that guides you toward becoming an exceptional auctioneer in the real estate industry.

Chattel Auctioneer’s Licence Course QLD
Dive into the diverse world of auctions beyond real estate with our Chattel Auctioneer’s Licence Course. This unique licence empowers you to auction a wide array of items, including livestock, motor vehicles, art, collectibles, and much more. Notably, you won’t require an Auctioneer’s Licence to conduct Charity Auctions, making this course a gateway to a versatile auctioneering career.

The Ultimate Advantage: Dual Licence Possibility
Complete Property Training stands apart as the sole Training Organization in Queensland offering a single, all-encompassing course that paves the way for both Real Estate and Chattel Auctioneer’s Licences. By enrolling in our program, you’ll emerge fully qualified to pursue either, or both licences. This unique feature opens doors to a myriad opportunities for budding auctioneers, enabling you to expertly facilitate auctions across a wide spectrum of products and properties.

Our courses are conducted in collaboration with renowned auctioneer Gordon MacDonald from The Auction Group. Under his expert guidance, you’ll navigate the intricate framework of auctioneering with finesse, ensuring that you grasp every aspect of this dynamic profession. The course covers all the legal prerequisites for conducting auctions in Queensland, ensuring you’re well-prepared to operate within the boundaries of the law.

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