Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues

Real Estate Scripts & Dialogues

Prospecting scripts

All Real Estate Agents struggle with prospecting and it all starts with having a strategy.
Complete Property Training has assembled some scripts that revolve around prospecting for listings under a number of different circumstances.
The scripts here cover both door knocking and cold calling to gain listings.  Many great Agents practice these scripts religiously and change them and mould them to suit each situation.

Another method at getting good at scripts and dialogues in Real Estate is to have a small group of Agents meet once a week and put to the group an objection and have the others all try to give the best possible answer to the problem.  This usually ends up with you taking a bit of everyone elses scripts and making it yours.

All great performers in any chosen field practice what’s needed to make them better than their opposition and in Real Estate,  it’s scripts, dialogues and marketing strategies.
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