How to Become a Property Manager in Qld – Courses in Brisbane & Gold Coast

It starts by getting licenced through a Nationally Accredited RTO or Registered Training Organisation, like Complete Property Training.

The entry level or logical start for most people is to gain a Real Estate Certificate.  This Certificate involves spending three days in class at any of our 8 Training Centres from the Gold Coast to Cairns where you will learn all aspects of the job, including the relevant laws and regulations that govern the Real Estate Industry as well as all the associated paperwork that pertains to the job.

Upon the successful completion of the course you will be issued with what’s known as a Statement of Attainment.  This document, together with an Application Form needs to be submitted to the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland, who in turn issue all Licences and Certificates for the Real Estate Industry in Queensland.

Once you have your Certificate you can legally be employed as a Property Manager and perform all the associated duties, but doesn’t everyone want experienced people?

Many companies will train you in the job and associated software where others don’t have the time. So completing a 2 day software course via property management software companies like Console will see you well ahead of your competition when trying to get a position.

Another way to get a start is via a Government funded Traineeship but first you must find an Employer who will take you on. This can be made easier by taking advantage of Employer incentives of up to $4000 for Employers who take on Trainees.

We offer Property Managment Courses in Queensland: Brisbane & Gold Coast

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