How to become a Real Estate Agent in Qld

The Real Estate Certificate

The first is the Real Estate Registration Certificate; this allows you to work for any fully licenced Real Estate Business, Agency or Principal.
This Certificate is the entry level qualification and you must be an employee of a Licenced Agent, meaning you cannot run your own business or work independently.

The Full Real Estate Licence

To work independently you must go on to get a Full Agent’s Licence, that will allow you to own and run your own business, employ Staff like Salespeople and Property Managers as well as set up a Trust Account for the collection of rent and contract deposits.

What are the costs in getting a Real Estate Licence?

The Real Estate Certificate of Registration in Queensland consists of 12 units of study which can usually be completed within a week at a cost $990.00.  There is then a further cost of approximately $350.00 to the Office of Fair Trading to register your Certificate.   This process can often take four weeks, sometimes longer.
It’s interesting to note that both Real Estate Salespeople and Property Manager’s both have the same Certificate even though the job roles are dramatically different.

Where are Real Estate Courses held in Qld?

Complete Property Training hold regular Real Estate Registration courses throughout Qld at any of their 8 locations listed below.
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast

Check out this Step by Step video

If you are looking for more information on obtaining your Real Estate Certificate of Registration in Qld Click Here or telephone Complete Property Training on 07 54 388 922.