Auctioneer Licence Courses in Qld for 2022

Auctioneer's Licence Courses Qld

Real Estate Auctioneer’s Licence Course Qld  Dates here

This Licence is without doubt the most common form of Licence in Queensland.   It enables you to sell houses, units, land or any other form of Real Estate by public auction.
There are 5 units of study that need to be completed, with most of that study happening on the first day, leaving the remaining two days devoted to hands on Auction Calling.
In the course you will be guided and given a framework that will help you become a great auctioneer.

Chattel Auctioneer’s Licence Course Qld

The Chattel Auctioneer’s Licence allows you to auction just about everything else other than Real Estate. With this Licence you are able to sell livestock, motor Vehicles, art and collectables ect.   You do not require an Auctioneer’s Licence to conduct a Charity Auction.

Can I have a Real Estate and Chattels Auctioneer’s Licence?

Complete Property Training is the only Training Organisation in Queensland that offers the two Licences in the one course, meaning at the end of the three days you will be qualified to apply for either Licence or both. This opens up plenty of opportunities for the up and coming Auctioneers, being able to sell almost anything as an Auctioneer.

The Auctioneer Licence Course Dates in Qld 2022

These courses are held in conjunction with Gordon Macdonald from The Auction Group who will guide the budding Auctioneer’s through the correct framework to ensure you have the ultimate skills as an Auctioneer.  This course covers all the legal requirements for conducting auctions in Queensland.   For more information on the Auction Licences available in Queensland click here.
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