Career Opportunities in Real Estate

Career opportunities in Real Estate

This number was as high as 100,000 a few years back during a previous boom in 2007.

Types of Real Estate Licences in Qld

The most popular form of licencing is the Real Estate Certificate.   Although Licence types and categories differ slightly from State to State, here in Qld the Real Estate Certificate is the entry level qualification.

Everyone with a Certificate has had to successfully complete a short course 3 to 5 days in duration in order to be able to work in the Real Estate industry, whether that be as a Salesperson, Property Manager or an Administration Assistant .

Other forms of Real Estate Licences cater to different industry sectors like Auctioneers who have their own category of Licence and Managers of apartment blocks, who need to hold a Resident Letting Agent’s Licence to be able to carry out their duties onsite.

If you intend to really make your mark in the industry and open your own office and employ staff, you must hold what’s known as a Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence. This is the step above the Real Estate Certificate as all Certificate holders must be employed by a fully Licenced Agent in Qld and cannot work independently like a Full Real Estate Licence holder.

The Jobs in Real Estate in most demand

Without doubt there is a world-wide shortage of Property Manager’s and having experience in this area will see you with a constant supply of job opportunities.  Property Manager Positions are the most advertised jobs in Real Estate and levels of pay and conditions have changed greatly in recent years in favour of the Employee due to this shortage of experienced Property Managers.

There is always a position for a good Real Estate Salesperson and many of these jobs are not advertised so selling yourself to the Principal of a Real Estate Agency is still the best way of securing a position in sales.  Real Estate Salespeople also have the highest turnover in the Industry where as much as 80% of people who enter the industry exit within the first year, mainly because they are unable to support themselves long enough to be successful.  The 20% that go on to be successful usually earn incomes well above the average and understand that they are a business within a business where you have to prospect for your own listings and then market those listing to attract Buyers.

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