What’s the difference between a Real Estate Licence and Certificate?

Real Estate Licence

What is a Real Estate Certificate?

A Real Estate Certificate allows the holder to perform any duty that a fully licenced Agent allows them to, so long as they are employed by that Agent or Principal.
That includes listing, selling, appraising, renting and marketing and just about any task that a Real Estate Agent performs whilst carrying out his duties.

In fact, the holder of a Real Estate Certificate can even operate the Trust account under the supervision of their Employer.
The one major requirement of a Real Estate Certificate holder in Queensland is that you must be an Employee, you cannot work independently.

Recent law changes have broadened the scope for Certificate holders allowing them to be in charge of a place of business.
Of course, the ultimate responsibility sits with the fully licenced agent who employed you to manage the office.

What is a Real Estate Licence?

A Real Estate Licence allows the holder to perform every task within a Real Estate Agency, as well as open and operate a Trust Account, and employ staff.
As a holder of a Real Estate Licence you do not need to be employed, you can work independently as a sole trader, open your own office or simply work for another Licensee as an Employee, the choice is yours.

To put it all into perspective, there is really only the two levels to the hierarchy of a Real Estate Office, the Licensee – who holds a Real Estate Licence, and the Real Estate Certificate holders – who must be employed by a Licence holder to be able to work.

The only duty a Fully Licenced Real Estate Agent cannot do is to conduct an Auction.   You must hold an Auctioneer’s Licence to do this.

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