Applying for Mutual Recognition of your Real Estate Licence interstate or in New Zealand

Mutual Recognition

Let’s look at a typical scenario where this might apply. If you have worked as a fully licenced Real Estate Agent in Victoria and decided you wanted to move to Queensland you could apply to have the Licence you gained in Victoria recognised in Queensland and vice versa. Here is a link to the requirements in Qld if you hold a licence interstate or in New Zealand. Mutual recognition into Qld

This also applies to people moving to or from New Zealand, they can have thier New Zealand licence recognised in any Australian state or Teritory and vice versa, you could hold a Qld Licence and have it recognised in NZ. Here is a link to the requirements in NZ once you have a QLD Licence. Mutual Recognition for NZ

By completing a Mutual Recognition Form which can be found on the Office of Fair Trading website Queensland, and paying the fee, you are legally allowed to work from that point on even though your new Licence hasn’t been issued or approved yet.

There are no real barriers to you being approved as the Mutual Recognition Act has been designed to allow people to hold the same Licence type in different States; difficulties may occur depending on other conditions like being of good fame and character, criminal record and the like.

Many people confuse Mutual Recognition with RPL (recognition of prior learning) but they are very different.   RPL is about obtaining a Licence through similar work/life experience, whereas Mutual Recognition comes into play when you already hold a Licence and simply want to work in another State or accross the ditch in NZ.

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