Real Estate Licence Course in class, online or via correspondence.

Real Estate Course in class, online or correspondence

Unfortunately life gets in the road for many people and although they start with good intentions, many enrol and pay for courses they never complete.

Classroom study has the advantage of a start and end date and usually is facilitated by someone with extensive industry knowledge who can share their experiences, giving you a better understanding of what’s in the learning resource materials.

Completing your Real Estate Licence or Certificate online can have its difficulties as you may be required to submit assessment’s via video to cover communications modules and more often than not you are still required to print out your assessment and sign it to validate it being your own work.

Correspondence courses use the same workbooks as a classroom environment, just minus the Trainer.   This option is still used by many RTO’s (Registered Training Organisations)as it negates a lot of the technical difficulties with online.

Another determining factor is time.  Most people don’t understand the time frames involved in getting a Real Estate Licence or Certificate. So look at it in more detail, firstly you have to complete a course and this can take a few days or a few months depending on the student.  Secondly, in Qld you must then apply to the Office of Fair Trading who in turn can take 4 to 6 weeks to process your application and issue you with the Licence or Certificate you have applied for.

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