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Complete Property Training is one of the only RTO's still offering face to face learning where all assessments are completed in class as you go. We have further enhanced the experience by clustering the units required for each Licence and removing duplicated performance criteria. We offer the full range of Real Estate Courses in Brisbane monthly.

Sales & Property Management Certificate


For Salespeople and Property Manager's

Full Real Estate Agent's Licence


The highest qualification - for Licensee's and Contractors

Full Licence Upgrade from Salesperson


For holders of a Registration Cert (current training package)

Full Licence Upgrade from RLA


For holders of an RLA (from the current training package)

About Our Brisbane Real Estate Courses

Complete Property Training is one of the leading Facilitators of Real Estate License courses in Brisbane and boasts a FastTrack approach to all of their licensing courses. This means that instead of studying the required license units one at a time they have been clustered together to remove all duplicated performance criteria ensuring the maximum learning experience whilst minimizing time in class. Our courses are held monthly and run from 9am to 4pm daily are held in our training rooms at Kedron/Wavell serves club close to Brisbane’s CBD.

The most popular by far of all our training courses is the Salesperson’s and Property Manager's Registration Certificate. This Certificate allows you to be employed as a Real Estate Salesperson or Property Manager; however you cannot work independently with this Certificate you must be employed by a Fully Licensed Real Estate agent. most employers want you to complete this course prior to starting in Real Estate as you cannot legally perform any duties till you have it.

The Next logical progression for people who have held a Sales Certificate is to become a Fully Licensed Agent. The Full Real Estate Agents License allows you to work independently should you wish, although you can still be an employee of another Licensed Agent. Most people go on to get this License usually to work on a commission only basis and often are awarded a bigger share of the commission.

Other Real Estate Licences

The Full Real Estate Agent's License is what you must have to be able to operate your own Real Estate Agency, employ staff and even open a Trust Account in order take rent and deposit monies. Other courses offered by Complete Property Training are the Auctioneer's License and the Resident Letting Agents License. Both of these courses are in specialist areas in the Real Estate Profession with the Auctioneer's License having two main areas of focus, being Real Estate or Chattels. The Real Estate Auctioneer is self-explanatory. Chattels relate to just about everything else, motor vehicles, livestock, antiques and the like. The Resident Letting Agent's License is for those wishing to run an Onsite Managed unit or townhouse Complex, this licence limits you to providing letting services to unit owners within the block you reside in. For information on Brisbane Real Estate course dates and location click here or simply call us on 07 54388922

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