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Begin a Successful Career as a Property Manager; Take Property Management Courses in Brisbane at Complete Property Training

If you have ever thought about a career in property management, now is the time to make your move. Complete Property Training offers property management courses in Brisbane and all of the major centres throughout Queensland. Beginning in 2009, we developed a series of real estate courses designed to deliver high quality training while minimising the amount of time spent in the classroom. This way, you learn the skills needed to be a property manager quickly so that you can begin your career.

We offer a full range of real estate certificate and licensing courses that are all nationally accredited. Complete Property Training also offers advanced sales training courses for those who pursue careers as real estate agents. Our courses are offered monthly in Brisbane and every other major centre in Queensland from Cairns in the north to Gold Coast in the south. Here is how you can get started in a career in property management.

Sign Up for a Property Manager Course in Brisbane

To work as a property manager, you must complete the real estate salesperson’s registration certificate course. Salespeople and property managers must each have this qualification to work in real estate. This course, as well as other required courses, must be completed through a registered training organisation. Complete Property Training is an RTO, and once you complete the course, you can apply to the Office of Fair Trading Queensland to receive your certificate.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The Sales and Property Management Certificate course is a three-day training course. Complete Property Training offers this property management course in Brisbane each month. You can check the website for start dates. Receiving your actual certificate will take a little longer. There are a few background checks that you must pass, and you have to allow approximately four to six weeks for the Queensland government to process your certificate application.

Acting as a Property Manager

Once you have taken our course and received your certificate, you will be able to perform the duties of a property manager. You can show properties to potential buyers, inspect property that has been listed for sale, and advertise real estate for sale or lease. Our property managers course in Brisbane will prepare you to sell real estate or act as a property manager. There are certain things that you will not be able to do like manage a trust account or conduct an auction. If those are things that may interest you, there is further training for that to obtain a license.

Book Your Property Manager Course Today

Complete Property Training operates throughout Queensland and has courses available in your area. In addition to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, we also offer courses in a number of rural areas and other regional centres. Our courses were designed specifically so that none of the elements of required study are duplicated throughout the course. We maximise classroom time so that courses are short, and you can get on track to a successful career quickly. Book your course today by calling us on 1300 281 289 or clicking the Contact Us button.