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Obtain your Auctioneer’s License in Queensland (Qld), Brisbane and Gold Coast

We spend most of our young years studying in school with a focus and gaining the right skills to start out dream career. You might have earned a university degree so that you could specialise in your desired field, and then successfully started the job you thought you’d love forever. Then, after a few years passed by, you realised your desired career didn’t turn out to be the dream come true you expected. In this situation, you have two choices. You can continue in your current unsatisfying line of work, or you can make a real change and chase a brand new career by obtaining an auctioneer’s licence in Queensland.

Auctioneers who work hard, tend to find their job very rewarding, and the financial incentives are very impressive too. If you learn the skills you need and obtain the licence required to get into this line of work; you could find your new career to be just what you needed and make great money from auctions in the Qld area, including the city of Brisbane and suburbs including Gold Coast. At Complete Property Training, we will give you the skills you need to be a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry.

New Opportunities with an Auctioneer’s Licence in Qld

Queensland is a beautiful Australian state that’s bursting with new career opportunities, and it’s a place where properties are built and sold all the time. If you obtain an auctioneer’s licence in Brisbane or the surrounding area, you’ll have the full legal right to hold your own auctions and make a healthy profit to sustain your household and live a prosperous life.

However, before you can get your licence, you’ll need to undergo the specific training required for this job, and that’s where we come in. We created our reputable courses and opened our doors for business in 2009, recognising the fact that there was a better way to way for people to obtain their Auctioneer’s licence in Brisbane.

Our courses are streamlined and yet still teach all the necessary and vital skills needed to be a successful auctioneer. Whether you choose to study our chattel course, which will eventually allow you to auction cars, antiques, livestock and others, or choose our real estate course which will train you on how to sell properties.

Don’t Miss out on a Great Qld Career

Here in Queensland, there’s a career for everybody, and if auctioneering sounds like it could be a dream job for you, we can help you obtain your auctioneer’s license in Gold Coast. You won’t be limited to practice your trade in the Gold Coast area; you can also work in Brisbane and just about all other suburbs in this great state and beyond. If you have any questions or want more information, browse the courses on our website or call our professional and friendly staff and Complete Property Training.