Real Estate Registration Certificate Qld

This Certificate can only be obtained by completing a course via an RTO, or Registered Training Organization, then applying to the Office of Fair Trading who will complete the necessary checks to make sure you are eligible to hold a Certificate in Queensland.
Complete Property Training holds Real Estate Certificate courses in eight locations across Queensland every month.   These courses run for three days and are facilitated by highly qualified trainers who have had many years  hands-on experience in the Real Estate Industry.
The Real Estate Registration Certificate or Salesperson’s Certificate is also the minimum requirement for Property Managers or Buyers Agents in Queensland, the same 12 units of competency apply for both roles.
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Other than being of good fame and character (meaning no serious criminal history), the only other requirements are that you are over 18 years of age, allowed to work in Australia and haven’t been prevented from holding a Licence previously.
The Real Estate Certificate allows you to perform any function in a Real Estate business that the Principal or Licensee allows you to do, as they are ultimately responsible for you and your actions.
As the holder of a Certificate you must also be employed by a Fully Licenced Agent, meaning you cannot work independently, you must be under the supervision of a licenced Real Estate Agent.
Real Estate Registration Courses can be completed in class or via correspondence, with most people still opting for the classroom where you can complete your assessments in class with supervision as many online courses are very long winded and difficult to complete.
If you are thinking about a career in Real Estate make sure you talk with Complete Property Training and find out why they are Qld’s most popular Training Provider.
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