Terms of Service

An RTO is an accredited training provider that has been approved under the relevant State or Territory Authority.  An RTO is regularly assessed by the Regulatory Authority to ensure that all training and education courses offered are delivered in adherence to the Australian Quality Training Framework.  As an RTO, Complete Property Training offers nationally recognised training courses.

Complete Property Training is committed to ensuring we offer training opportunities to all people on an equal and fair basis.  All participants who meet our entry requirements will be accepted into any of our training programs.  Any questions regarding access and equity can be directed to the Chief Executive Officer.

Full Real Estate Agent's Course - $2100.00.  A deposit of $1000 is payable upon enrolment with the balance course fees payable on the final day of course
Upgrade to Full Real Estate Agent's Course - $1505.00.  A deposit of $1000 is payable upon enrolment with the balance course fees payable on the final day of course
Salesperson & Property Manager's Course - $595.00 payable upon enrolment
Resident Letting Agent's Licence Course - $675.00 payable upon enrolment
Auctioneer's Licence Course - $1200.00 payable upon enrolment
*Please note if a credit card is provided for payment, the balance course fees will be deducted from this card on the final day of course

Refund Policy 
Pre-enrolment information provided to students is designed to ensure that all details relating to fees and charges are known prior to enrolment. A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total enrolment fee is payable on enrolment to any program or partial program. The balance of the program fees are to be paid as arranged with individual student.

Enrolment Cancellations and Refunds

The RTO will acknowledge an application for a cooling off period of ten (10) working days applicable from the date of the enrolment form and cease at C.O.B. on the tenth day. Should a student wish to withdraw between the time of the cooling off period and course commencement the following conditions shall apply:-

An application for refund of course fees under any other circumstance must be made in writing using The RTO’s Refund Request form. A refund of percent (80%) will be made if the written request is received more than five (5) working days prior to course commencement.  A 20% refund is available for requests received less than five (5) working days prior to course commencement. As a general rule no refund is available after the course commencement date. However, The RTO will consider each application on a case by case basis.  Refunds will be considered on a pro-rata basis for participants who fall ill, are injured to the extent that they can no longer undertake the course or experience other extenuating circumstances, providing a supporting medical certificate or other relevant supporting documentation is supplied to us.

Should participants wish to finalise incomplete units of competency in a future course, the original fee can be used as a credit towards that course within six months of initial payment.   In all other cases, refunds are at the discretion of management and may be negotiated on an individual case-by-case basis

All students undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Statements of Attainment cannot be issued until the USI has been provided. Complete Property Training can apply for the USI on your behalf (if you do not already have one), if you authorise us to do so and declare that you have read the privacy information at http://www.usi.gov.au?Training-Organisations?Pages/Privacy-Notice.aspx  In order to apply for the USI on your behalf we will need an identification document from you eg. Medicare Card or Driver’s Licence. These documents will be used to verify your identity. By signing this Enrolment Form you agree and acknowledge that the information contained in this form may be used by Complete Property Training or third parties such as Employers (if your employer has paid for training), government departments, agencies & authorised VET related bodies or VET regulators for administrative, regulatory and/or research purposes.  Your personal information may also be used to contact you with information on new products, services & industry events or to participate in surveys.  If you do not wish us to use this information for that purpose, please contact us.  For our complete Privacy Policy, please refer to your Student Handbook.

By enrolling in this course I acknowledge that I am entering into an agreement with Complete Property Training and CPT hereby agrees to provide the training, assessment and resources necessary for me to achieve this qualification and I acknowledge my role and responsibility in this agreement. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the information provided and confirm that the information provided by me is true and correct. I have been offered the opportunity for Recognition of Prior Learning relating to this course and agree to the conditions set out previously.

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