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What Is a Resident Letting Agent and How Can You Obtain an RLA Licence in QLD?

Most people are aware of what real estate agents do, and are, therefore, familiar with real estate agent licences. However, being a real estate agent that works with clients to sell homes is not the only career path available in the real estate industry. Another type of real estate agent is a 'resident letting agent,' though fewer people are familiar with how RLA licences work in QLD.

What Residential Letting Agents Do

According to the Queensland Government, a resident letting agent is a real estate professional who is certified to conduct three core professional duties. Individuals who hold RLA licences in QLD may 'rent out and manage units in a building complex (on behalf of the owners and body corporate.' This job description is the primary responsibility of an RLA. However, resident letting agents can also collect rent from complex residents and operate trust accounts. Both of these duties more or less service an RLA's primary responsibility of managing the units in a residential complex.

There are a few restrictions to being a resident letting agent that you should know about if you are considering enrolling in an RLA course in QLD. First of all, this type of licence does not give you certification to operate as a full-fledged real estate agent or salesperson. You cannot sell houses, and you cannot sell units in the complex you manage. Also, you may not show, sell or rent out units in any complex you don’t manage.

Instead, resident letting agents are ostensibly property managers for one residential complex. Within that residential complex—so much time as you have approval to administer the building from the body corporate that owns it—you are responsible for renting out units, engaging with residents and collecting rents. Since you will be receiving payments from your residents on behalf of others (e.g. your body corporate), you will also need training to operate a trust account.

About Resident Letting Agent Courses in QLD

At Complete Property Training, we can help you to get a valid resident letting agent licence in QLD. Launched in 2009, Complete Property Training is a leading provider of real estate courses throughout QLD. From Cairns to Brisbane and beyond, we offer classes that are the first steps towards different careers in the real estate industry. If you are interested in becoming a full-fledged real estate agent and the owner and proprietor of your own independent business, we have a course to help you get there. If you would like to show and sell houses or apartments across QLD, a sales and property management certificate might be more appropriate.

If your interests lie more in managing one residential complex, living on-site and playing the leasing and landlord role, then you should look into our resident letting agent courses in QLD. For an affordable price, you will get six units of training and learn the core skills and responsibilities of a resident letting agent. As long as you are 18 years of age or older, you should be eligible to work as an RLA upon the completion of our course.

To learn more about the RLA licence, call Complete Property Training on 1300 281 289 or click here to visit the Queensland Government website.