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Start Your Own Business, with the Help of Complete Property Training's Real Estate Licence Courses in Queensland

Perhaps you already have a sales licence and have spent years working for real estate agencies owned and operated by other industry figures. Maybe you are looking for a new career path and want to find something where you can own your own business and be your own boss. Either way, Complete Property Training and our real estate courses in Queensland might be the perfect springboard for the next phase of your professional life.

At Complete Property Training, we provide a variety of real estate training programs throughout Queensland. Individuals who are just looking to get into real estate sales, for instance, can begin with our Sales & Property Management Licence. Those more interested in serving as a leasing agent in a particular apartment complex can get the necessary accreditation with our Resident Letting Agent Licence courses.

What Is a Full Real Estate Agent's Licence?

If you want to launch your own independent real estate business, though, then you need a Full Real Estate Agent's Licence. In case you are not familiar, this type of real estate licence is the top certificate for real estate agents in Queensland. With this permit in hand, you will be legally authorised to do the following:

  • Buy, sell, rent or exchange properties, or negotiate such transactions on behalf of others
  • Assess property for pre-purchase inspections or appraisals
  • Collect rent
  • Put up signs and engage in other advertising activities to promote the sale or rental of a property
  • Manage an apartment complex
  • Own your own real estate agency or work in real estate as an independent contractor
  • Administer a trust account for buyers or sellers

Both the Resident Letting Agent Licence and the Sales & Property Management Licence only grant some of these privileges—and neither allows you to open and operate your own business. In short, getting your Full Real Estate Agent's Licence gives you more freedom to do what you want to do in Queensland's real estate industry.

Why Complete Property Training Is the Right Place to Earn Your Real Estate Licence in Queensland

Why should you choose Complete Property Training if you are interested in going after your full real estate certificate in Queensland? There are four clear reasons to choose us over the competition: affordability, speed, quality and flexibility.

  • Affordability: Our Full Real Estate Agent's Licence course is just $2,100 for the entire program. Considering how much freedom this full-fledged real estate licence gives you, the cost is an affordable investment in your future.
  • Quality: Most of our instructors at Complete Property Training have had successful careers in real estate. We have honed our classes themselves into some of the finest and most reputed real estate training opportunities in Queensland.
  • Speed: The full-length course for attaining a Full Real Estate Agent's Licence lasts for just six days of intensive learning. By clustering units together and eliminated repeated content, we offer a faster and more enriching real estate certificate program than any other provider in Queensland.
  • Flexibility: Our course catalogue also allows you to take modified versions of the Full Real Estate Agent's Licence training program. If you already hold either an RLA Licence or a Sales & Property Management Licence. These modified courses are shorter and cost less than the full-length version.

Are you interested in learning more about Complete Property Training and our real estate certificate courses in Queensland? Call us today on 1300 281 289.