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How to Fast Track Your Career as a Property Manager; Book Property Management Courses in QLD at Complete Property Training

Becoming a property manager in QLD takes a certain amount of training, and that training takes time. It takes less time that you may think. Complete Property Training, one of Queensland’s premier registered training organisations, offers a property management course in QLD that takes just three days. Complete Property Training has streamlined the process of training so that individuals who want to work in real estate can do so fairly quickly. Our organisation provides a broad range of real estate certificate and licensing courses that are all nationally accredited. The courses are designed to cluster all of the required units of study together so to maximise classroom time.

Why Take Our Property Manager Course in QLD?

Many training organisations offer you the chance to further your career in property management. Training often involves receiving all of your course materials and then completing the assignments and assessment on your own. This training method is not the case at Complete Property Training. All of the coursework is done in our classroom so that at the end of the course, you are finished. The Sales and Property Management certificate course is a three-day training session taught by trainers who have years of experience in the real estate field. All of our instructors and trainers have real life experience in real estate. We remove all duplicated performance criteria from our property management courses in QLD, and this allows us to maximise the amount of time spent in a classroom. As a result, you can have everything you need to become a property manager very quickly.

Becoming a Property Manager in QLD

Once you complete our property managers course in QLD, you can then apply for your certificate. You must apply to the Office of Fair Trading Queensland. While our training course is only three days, processing your application for the certificate can take between four to six weeks. When you receive your certificate, you can then perform the duties of a property manager (or a real estate agent). You must work for a principal or licensee of a real estate business. To work independently, you must have a full agent’s license. Complete Property Training can help you obtain a full agent’s license if you become interested in that career path.

Receive Only the Training You Need

Complete Property Training began with a vision. Our founders wanted students to receive the required qualifications and also receive real career skills and information. When an individual takes one of our courses, he or she receives quality training from trainers who have all spent many years working in the real estate industry. They provide practical skills needed for working in the industry. With a holistic approach to real estate licensing, Complete Property Training ensures that you receive everything you need to pursue a career as a property manager or a real estate agent.

For more information or to book a course, call us on 1300 281 289 or click the Contact tab on our website and fill out the form. You can also reach us for enquiries via email at