Reassurance for Queensland Real Estate Agent’s on Upcoming CPD Requirements

As we approach June 2025, many real estate agents are understandably concerned about the new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. However, there’s no need to panic. The introduction of these requirements is designed to be manageable and beneficial for everyone in the industry. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown to help you navigate these changes smoothly.

Understanding the Timeline
The obligation to undertake CPD will commence around 10 June 2025. This date provides the industry with a 12 month preparation period, allowing the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to develop a structured approach and approve relevant training sessions.

What is a “CPD Year”?
A “CPD year” is defined as a 12-month period preceding the renewal of a licensee’s licence. The exact timing of this period is designed for convenience, ensuring that the CPD requirement coincides with the licence renewal process. This means you only need to notify the OFT once as part of the renewal process, avoiding unnecessary administrative burdens.

CPD for New Licensees
New licensees who receive their first licence after June 2025 are exempt from CPD requirements for the first year. Since they have just completed their initial training, their first CPD year will start one year after their licence is granted. This gives new entrants ample time to settle into their roles without the immediate pressure of additional training.

CPD for Existing Licensees
Existing licensees must complete their CPD within their designated CPD year. For example, if your licence was originally granted on 1 July 2003, your CPD year would start on 1 July 2025, with the requirement to complete CPD by 1 July 2026. Each licensee’s CPD year will align with their unique renewal date, ensuring a fair and manageable timeline for everyone.

Specifics for Three-Year Licences
For those holding three-year licences, the process varies slightly:
• If your three-year licence is issued on 1 September 2025, your first CPD obligation will cover the period from 1 September 2026 to 31 August 2027.
• For licences already existing in June 2025, and requiring renewal on 1 September 2025, CPD must be completed for each subsequent CPD year within the three-year period.

Reporting CPD Completion
When renewing your licence, you will simply tick a box on the application form to declare CPD completion. There’s no need to submit certificates or additional paperwork at the time of renewal, streamlining the process. However, the OFT will record your declaration and may verify compliance during subsequent visits. False declarations can lead to compliance actions, including possible loss of licence.

Complete Property Training: Tailored CPD Programs
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The upcoming CPD requirements are designed to enhance the professionalism and knowledge within the real estate industry without causing undue stress. By aligning CPD obligations with licence renewal dates and providing ample preparation time, the transition should be smooth and beneficial. Remember, these changes are in place to support your growth and ensure the highest standards within the industry. Stay informed, plan ahead, and you will navigate these new requirements with ease. For the latest updates and tailored CPD programs, follow Complete Property Training on Facebook.