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Real Estate Licence Course in Qld

Real Estate Agent Courses in Qld

Real Estate Certificate
A Real estate Registration Certificate allows the holder to be employed as a Salesperson or Property Manager by any Fully Licenced Real Estate Agent or Agency.

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Career opportunities in Real Estate

Career Opportunities in Real Estate

What career opportunites are available in the Real Estate Industry?

The Real Estate Industry is a major employer of people within Australia with over 60,000 people holding some form of Real Estate Licence or Certificate.

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Real Estate Licence

What’s the difference between a Real Estate Licence and Certificate?

Before you can perform any duties of a Real Estate Agent you must first hold either a Real Estate Licence or Certificate.

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Real Estate Contractor v Real Estate Employee

Real Estate Contractor (conjunctional agent) v Real Estate Employee

This is a topic that divides our Industry and causes most of our employment issues; let’s take a look in laymans' terms at what each of these terms mean.

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Mutual Recognition

Applying for Mutual Recognition of your Real Estate Licence

What is Mutual Recognition?

If you hold a current Real Estate Licence or Certificate in any State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand chances are you will be able to apply for mutual recognition of that Licence or Certificate in another State by simply applying and paying the appropriate fee.

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The Range of Real Estate Courses offered by Complete Property Training

The Range of Real Estate Courses offered by Complete Property Training

About Complete Property Training

Complete Property Training was established in 2009 on the Sunshine Coast and has continually expanded its operations to now deliver the full range of Real Estate Courses in every major centre from cairns in the north to the Gold Coast in the south, and west to Toowoomba.

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Real Estate Course in class, online or correspondence

Real Estate Licence Course in class, online or via correspondence.

What are my study options?

When deciding to start a new career in a field like Real Estate it’s important to look at the study options available and determine what option is going to suit you best.

The most common offering these days is online or correspondence; these courses are usually self-paced and require the student to be disciplined around arranging study time.

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Real Estate Jobs Board

New Real Estate Jobs Board connects Employers and Students


Complete property Training have just launched a new initiative adding a Jobs board to their website.
The site allows employers to post Jobs free of charge as well as the opportunity for students to register their interest in particular job roles.

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Mackay Real Estate Courses

Mackay Real Estate Courses 2019

Mackay Real Estate Courses - 2019 dates released

Complete Property Training is the leading facilitator of Real Estate Licence Courses in Mackay and has recently released the training dates for 2019.

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Rockhampton Real Estate Courses

Rockhampton Real Estate Courses 2019

Rockhampton Real Estate Course Dates 2019 Released

Complete Property Training has released its training dates for Real Estate Licence Courses in Rockhampton for 2019. The Real Estate Licence Courses being offer are The Sales Person and Property Managers Registration Certificate and the Full Real Estate Agent's Licence.

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