Getting a Real Estate Licence in Qld

Getting a Real Estate Licence in Qld

In order to work in a Real Estate Agency in Queensland you must hold one of the two forms of Real Estate Licence.

The first is the Real Estate Certificate or Real Estate Sales Certificate as it’s commonly known.  This Certificate allows the holder to be employed by a fully licenced agent and conduct duties in both sales and property management.

There is not a separate certificate for Property Managers, they have the same study requirement as Salespeople, hence the name Real Estate Certificate. Remember, you must be an employee of a fully licenced agent to work in real estate if you hold this Certificate.

The other form of licence is known simply as the Real Estate Licence or often referred to as a Full Agent's Licence or Full Real Estate Agent's Licence, they all mean the same thing. This Licence allows you to work independently or run your own business and employ staff.

To put it all very simply, the hierarchy in a Real Estate Business goes like this;  The Owner or Principal of the business is usually the Licensee or Full Licence holder, and all the employed staff whether they are in Sales or Property Management would hold a Real Estate Certificate.

There are many providers of Real Estate Licence Courses in Qld, but very few offer face to face learning as most have opted for online courses.  Some of these courses seem very cheap and often take longer to complete than the traditional classroom learning, which only takes a few days with a good part of assessments completed in classroom time.  Complete Property Training is one of the last remaining providers that offer Real Estate Courses throughout Qld face to face in the classroom.

Courses are offered on a regular basis from Gold Coast to Cairns with 3 Day Certificate Courses and 6 Day Full Agent's Licence Courses held monthly across 8 locations in Qld.

For more information contact Complete Property Training on 07 54388 922 or visit

Real Estate Courses QLD By Complete Property Training

Real Estate CoursesCourse Price
Salesperson & Property Manager's Registration
Full Real Estate Agent's Licence $2100
Full Licence Upgrade from Salesperson $1505
Resident Letting Agent's Licence (RLA) $675
Full Licence Upgrade from RLA $1425
Auctioneer's Licence $1200
Real Estate Traineeship (Certificate IV in Real Estate) $2350
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