New Real Estate Jobs Board connects Employers and Students

Real Estate Jobs Board

How do I advertise a Real Estate Job?

Peter Ford, Ceo of Complete Property Training says his Company is always being asked to refer people to employers so a Jobs Board was a natural progression in adding value to our clients.

Posting a job is a very simple thing to do, you simply create your own username and password and complete the job description details and it’s done.
You are able to post or search for jobs by region or job description, upload photos and resumes everything you would expect in a jobs site is there.

Mr Ford went on to say “it’s simply not good enough for us to just put people though licencing courses we want to see them get jobs”.
The demand for people in Real Estate is still strong and looks like continuing, the largest calling is for experienced Property Managers and the majority of jobs posted on our new Real Estate Jobs Board are for this position.

So, if you have been considering a career change check out Complete Property Training’s Job Board today