” State of the Market ” & National Licencing Update

There are conflicting reports from all sorts of industry experts, some say things are getting better and others say it could get worse, i suppose it all depends on what data you are looking at.

Some interesting stats to consider, in the peak of the boom in 2007 there were 95,000 agents across Australia, we now have approximately 45,000 thats less than half. Sales rate has also halved so technically we have boom conditions with half the amount of agents.

What i have noticed in my travels across Queensland from Cairns to Gold Coast is that all Principles and Sales people are saying the same thing, ” There has been an increase in activity since Christmas “.

Consistency breeds confidence in the economy, Real Estate Principles now seem to be more confident in employing staff as they are confident that the level of activity is here to stay.

I believe that the buying public feel that most sellers are well conditioned to the market and bargains are out there, hence the uplift in activity.

Our job as agents is to educate our sellers as to the current market, don’t be afraid to let them know how it is, the sooner the market drops and bottoms out the better, as this will increase volume then inturn stock tightens, prices move up and the cycle starts again. The change in the market is like the changing of the tide, you don’t know its moving till it gathers momentum, the start of this cycle is ” confidence to employ staff based on the consistency of activity “.

STOP PRESS the NEW “National Licencing Scheme ” for Real Estate Agents is now due to commence in 2013, so if you are considering upgrading or obtaining your Full Agents Licence DO IT NOW. Ask about our fast track upgrade course now to avoid extra study and costs.

Full Agents Licence 5 day course cost $2200.00

Full Agents upgrade 2.5 days course cost $1540.00 (must have current statement of attainment for Sales Registration from CPP40307 Training package.

All Full Licence holders will automatically be granted a National Licence so long as you have completed the course and lodged your application with the Office of Fair Trading prior to the new Licence requirements due to come in on 2013.


For further information on our training courses please visit www.completepropertytraining.com.au or phone 1300 281 289 or email info@completepropertytraining.com.au

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